Bucket List

An inexhaustive list, certainly, but I figured that if I have it written out, I’d at least feel somewhat more responsible for it.

The Academic
Attend an Ivy League university
Obtain a Ph.D
Study at the University of Oxford
Write a novel
Have my essays and poems published
Learn Classical Chinese
Speak fluent French
Speak fluent Russian
Curate a personal library

The Hobbyist
Play the piano with some mastery
Learn to sing
Learn to bartend
Run a marathon
Experience zero gravity
Catch a fish
Milk a cow
Roast the perfect Thanksgiving turkey
Conquer high heels
*Blog with some consistency*

The Romantic
Kiss in the rain
Kiss a stranger
Have a summer romance
Kiss under the mistletoe
Marry the love of my life

The Domestic
Have my father walk me down the aisle
Have children
Be a part of an enormous family
See myself in my children
Start some family traditions
Give my parents the honeymoon they never had
Meet my grandchildren

The Do-Gooder
Find someone’s lost pet
Volunteer at an animal shelter
Donate blood
Donate my hair
Donate anonymously
Give a homeless person a Christmas gift
Save a life
Plant a tree
Grow a garden
Go to Walden Pond and read Thoreau, and simplify, simplify, simplify

The Wanderer & the Settler
Travel alone
Travel first class
Have a job that travels
Live in Europe
Move to New York
Move back to my hometown

The Rebel
Smoke a cigar
Go streaking
Get high
Get drunk with my childhood friend
Go skinny dipping
Crash a wedding
Get a tattoo
Go zip-lining
Go on a road trip à la Jack Kerouac

The Ambiguous & the Necessary
Meet a childhood hero
Reconcile science and faith
Go there and back again
Be a part of something greater.


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